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The Head Master

What makes a good school? The short answer is happy, successful and fulfilled pupils who are ready for the challenges of adult life. Such a school makes appropriate and considerable demands upon the pupils, bringing out their full potential in their intellectual, sporting and spiritual lives. Above all a good school implants lasting knowledge and values, particularly those of personal virtue and social responsibility.

Clifton College is exactly that kind of school, offering pupils an all-round education, pastoral care, the opportunity for true self-discovery, awakening their sense of duty and a thirst for excellence in all that they do, especially in the classroom. Our aim is to bring out the best in every pupil, enabling them to achieve the highest grades possible and to proceed through our Sixth Form to the university of their choice. Above all, I hope that they will dream the dreams that will shape their lives, make lasting friends, and leave equipped to be citizens of a constantly evolving modern global village, with a strong sense of who they are and what they can contribute. Finally, we want them to have fun doing it for the happy child is a successful child.

Please come and visit us: we would be delighted to offer you a warm welcome. In the meantime I hope the website offers you a sense of what our School offers.

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Mark Moore
Head of College
Head Master of The Upper School